Group workshops, Group seminars, Group retreats and One-On-One Tantric Sessions: 

Currently, (January, 2022), I am creating 3 small groups for: couples only, women only, and men only… Please inquire and state your particular interests. 

Sessions I offer include: Guided Tantra Meditation, Guided Tantra Pranayama Journeys, Healing Touch Journeys. With Me or A Partner: Partner Yoga,  Partner Stretching, Partner Moving Meditations. Mindfulness, Self Realization, Liberation from the Tyranny of the Ego. Chakra and Meridian Cleansing and Activation, Sound Healing, Toning, Chanting to Cleanse and Awaken. Journeying: Psychological, Shamanic Spiritual and Esoteric Experiences, Conscious Eating, Tantric, Pranic, Embodiment, and Intimacy Coaching.

Custom Couple and Group Tantric Retreats: Italy, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, AUS, Brazil, France, Dubai, Oman, and more

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Tantrassage: Tantra Temple, The Womb Chamber, Tantric Healing

Tantrassage®: Partners learn and experience how to cultivate extraordinary encounters. A Signature Fusion of Intentional Kinetic Embodiment and Mindful Touch, Cultivating and Riding Gracefully & Sensually Choreographed Waves. Inspired by the Intentions of  Lomi-Lomi, Sensual Swedish, Cranial Sacral & Prana-Glide, Offered with Compassion and Nourishment. Tantric Activation: Build, Control, Extend-Expand Sentient Energy Currents and Eros Intentionally Into Energy Waves. Heal, Balance, Reconnect to Joy, Clear Negative Energy,  Soothe Adrenals/Cortisol Levels, Deeply Relax Brain Waves, Open Energy-Body Blockages, Experience Bliss/Samadhi: Tantrassage journeys: 60 mins, 90 mins,  2, 3, 4 hrs and ongoing packages where you become the most proficient.


The art of kissing, the art of touch, the

Intimacy Rituals: Learning deeper levels of intimacy for you and your partner: expanding your intimacy repertoires considerably and raising your erotic intelligence. The art of kissing, the art of touch, healing and nourishing your self, being coached on methods for giving AND receiving love, connecting in new profound ways, how to re-open a closed off heart, new methods for cultivating powerful energy-body, mind and spirt connections, cultivating ecstatic bliss, awakening/renewing both love and passion, and much more: Intimacy rituals: 2, 3, 4 hrs or intensive retreats: weekends and week-long and ongoing packages where you learn the most


The Tao, Kundalini, Chakras, other energy methods and Touch IQ

Touch IQ: The Art of Conscious Touch: Cultivate the secret arts and keys to energy touch with you and your partner. This course is learning the many components of presence with somatic energy awareness, raising your touch intelligence, weaving elements of  the Tao, Kundalini, and other energy methods, awakening the erotic sensual quantum touch matrix with higher intelligence: regular 60/90 mins, 2-4 hr sessions.

Men become a master of alchemy within their own bodies and around them

Ejaculatory Mastery & The Multi-Orgasmic Men: Male groups: men & couples,  learn the tools to become a master of your energy-erotic qi body. Learn how to connect to erotic energy and channel it to all energy centers in your body so it is more meaningful and powerful. Build, control, extend, channel and ride waves for a variety of intentions for control. Cultivate an emotional-mental-spirtual mindset. Use the methods to correct all erectile dysfunctions or sex addiction. Be guided by the feminine presence, energy touch, sensitivity, sensual coaching and touch intelligence, nadi’s and energy currents, muscles contractions, chakra awareness, psychology, cognitive shifts, the Tao and the Tantras: 1-4 hrs, weekend intensives, ongoing packages where you learn the most, and retreats.


Yoni Yoga, yoni massage, yoni healing, yoni issues, yoni midwife

Yoni Yoga and Massage: Partners together learn methods to create a sacred and safe environment for yoni-energy-body activation, arousal, pleasuring, full body and g-spot orgasms. The pleasure, sensations and orgasmic bliss is more powerful and it is very very useful to bring  a partner to hold sacred space before, during and after: 4+ hrs, to weekend, to retreats for women, couples and individuals.


Yoni mudra, yoni meditation, yoni rituals, yoni midwife, yoni healing

Tantra: Yoni Healing with your partner: Partners can learn how to support the yoni-heart-body-spirit matrix. We address sexual trauma, wounds, old paradigms and static energy and yoni rebirth: 2-4 hrs, weekend, retreat Offered in Greenwich, Ct., Stamford, Ct., Westchester, NY, White Plains, NY, Manhattan, New York City. Retreats are also offered in Southern California, Mexico, Italy and Greece.

The womb chakra, Yoni mudra, petals, sacred red tent rituals

Yoni Healing: For those who have experienced rape, molestation, numbness or sexual dysfunctions, painful sex peri or post menopause or who have never had an orgasm. Also for women who simply need a yoni energy clearing. Cleanse toxic energy, remove negative imprints, reactivate healthy yoni rites, imprints & expressiveness. Learn how to co-create a multiplicity of and different types of pleasure. Rediscover joy,  heartfelt passion and sensuality in a safe loving environment: 3 to 6 hrs as well as day long and weekend retreats.


Wombn workshops in San Diego, Ca

Wombn®: White Tantra and Women’s circles to fully experience healthy sensual/sexual embodiment, healing and harnessing that energy for their own lives spiritually, mentally, physically. The focus is internal: harnessing and channeling their energies to heal and awaken their highest destinies. Often this is facilitated in women’s circles and healing/ re-connecting to the womb and our power as women in circles weaving bonds of sisterhood and as guides: Elders, matriarchs, mothers, maidens. 4-8 hrs, weekend intensives and monthly meetings


Tantra: women who love women

Women Who Love Women-for bisexual, bicurious, and lesbian Womyn. Recover from lesbian bed death, learn a multiplicity of ways to have pleasure and intimacy mentally, physically, sexually, spiritually, and energetically: 2-4 hrs, weekend intensives,


Ascension: Shamanism, shamanic Tantra, advanced intimacy rituals

Shamanic Tantra: For those who desire sensual-source energy meditations to awaken supra-states of consciousness, samadhi, enlightenment, shamanic journeying, shapeshifting, the void, access and connect to guides and the intelligent universal energy field, advanced pranic meditation, and quantum psychologies: 2-8 hr sessions,  weekend intensives and retreats. Can also combine with plant based medicines


Tantric rituals with the elements: water, sunsent, moonrise and tides

Chakra Meditation & Kundalini Activation: Tantric Breath, energy centers, and learning how to awaken, unblock and be mindful of energy and all the gifts that come from activation. 1-4 hrs


white tantra, tantric energy matrix image

White Tantra: This workshop is for those interested in white tantra: sitting and moving mediations, energy medicine, qi gong and yoga. Tantra, Reiki, Chakras, Nadi’s, sushumna channel. TRansmutation of arousal to the entire body and used to heal, balance, and awaken. Connect more deeply to yourself and others, cultivate creativity and channel energies, build your storage of energy, avoid getting tired and burnt out, work with energies around you co-creatively. Good for clearing, rebirthing your life, career, prosperity, health, new visions, calling in the right partner, tuning into high frequencies, dropping stories, ego dissolution, Kundalini and Taoist methods of activating Source Energy and using it to awaken energy pathways along the entire physical and auric body: 2-4 hrs



Tantric Priestess Training: For womyn who feel called to the dakini and priestess path come together and learn tantra. Incorporate the arts of Tantra into your lifestyles and career and heal with other women, aligning with other priestesses and celebrate your unique powers ethically through conscious collaboration:  For qualified women. $3000 weekend intensives and monthly training for a year long commitment $10,000.


Gay Tantra

Tantra for Gay Men: co~facilitated by Daka Del Mar: 2-4 hrs, weekend intensives and retreats in Spain


Tantra Dance, Tantric Improv, Tantric Yoga, Polarity Energy Dance

Tantric Yoga & Tantric Dance:  A vital method of becoming healthy, fit, toned, and rejuvenated. Cultivate the ancient arts of sensual dance and theater with moving meditations, yogic poses, Tantric dance improvisation, energy work, breath and a fusion of dances forms: 1-3 hrs, weekly, monthly, retreats