Tantric Priestess

What's the purpose of sexual energy? beyond procreaton and hedonistic pleasure? Years ago, while meditating with a serpent one day, I had a spontaneous kundalini activation. Shocking. Profound. A renewed inspiration to re-examine and honor the power of the second chakra. No longer did I dismiss sexual energy as solely a biological or perverted compulsion, but an alchemical formula, a sacred well spring; potential to nourish infinite energy pathways. I felt the call of the priestess, the matriarch, the shaman to vigorously investigate the mysteries of "sex/sensual source energy" and its connection to human evolution. My specialty is sincere authentic presence and bringing you powerful encounters of mind, body and spirit. Drink in my energy medicine and feel soul rejuvenation. Through polarities of attraction and my feminine reflection, you and I remember who we are perfect, free loving, compassionate, conscious, embodied, sentient beings. I lead you into the forgotten but easy-to-remember methods of transformational breath, gazing, touch, and channeling energy within and between our bodies. I humbly and ethically use my powers and polarities of attraction to weave states of arousal with egoic-transcendence and open hearts, and our infinite capacities for healing, creativity, and samadhi.

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There are many exciting changes that will be taking place over the next couple of years. We will keep in touch as they evolve and share with you.  Blessings!  Read More →


Dec 29, Wombn

Greetings. Calling Womb Weavers. We look forward to seeing you all this sunday 12p-430p. We have room for 4 more attendees~you may pass this along to any woman you feel resonates with our intention. There is a $100 stipend for your participation as this is an educational series being filmed. In exchange,... continue reading



We support global efforts to stop the archaic practice of women exploited instead of empowered by their embodiment. Republished….from  our 2010 post… Sex is not work and our bodies are not for sale – 4th World Conference on Human Rights – Nantes France Work: defending and strengthening... continue reading



Women take her survey!

ONLY IF YOU ARE A WOMAN… Go to this link and please take the entire survey to support women’s sexual health and evolution! The results will be published, presented and used for advances in sex research and education. This will have no relevance... continue reading