What’s the purpose of sexual energy beyond procreaton or a quick hedonistic self-indulgent pleasure? Years ago, while meditating with a serpent, one day I had a spontaneous kundalini activation. Extraordinary. Profound. It gave me a renewed inspiration to re-examine and honor the power of the second chakra. No longer did I view sexual energy as solely a procreative act, or an often less-than-inspiring intimacy ritual.


I realized the second chakra offers potential access to a secret alchemical formula and a sacred well-spring of immense power. Source energy is our divine right and potential to tap into. We can tap into source energy with intention. This energy is infinite when done when done with balance from within, above and around us. In Tantra, we realize we can communicate, dance, play, and channel  energy currents in the vast network of energy pathways for  nourishment, healing and awakening.



Over years, I have danced extensively with this source energy power. The esoteric realm, for example, is a mystical and magical odyssey we all have access to using this beautiful power with humility and integrity.


I felt then, and still feel passionately, the call as a priestess, matriarch, shaman and visionary midwife to vigorously investigate and share this energy and it’s power, used mindfully, with genuine seekers.


The experience allows us to connect deeply with our energy, bodies, and a fluid cosmic blueprint that is interconnected to everything. We have the potential, through investigation of sensual source energy, to have instant and direct access to supra-states of consciousness. The implications for the qualities of our lives are infinite!


I cultivate extraordinary encounters weaving the mysteries of sexual energy and sensual energy with everything. We balance intense doing with gentle being focus our mind by stilling the noise and open the heart, cultivating harmony, and accessing the healer and feeling interconnectedness. In this way, we are the embodiment of higher intelligence and evolution. I am proud and inspired by intelligent mindful conscious human energy-body investigations and experiences. Will you join me?


It is an egoic challenge for humans to express source second chakra explorations beyond lustful primal longings. This is the pathway we are all on. Another option is to use the second chakra, while connected to your other chakras, to experience touch and loving intimacy, with your partner, in a profound new way. Some seekers want to glean Tantric pathways and applications, others commit their life to it. Together, we can plant the seeds.