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“Tracing the meaning of Tantra invokes a mystical odyssey into its history. Scholars believe Tantra originated with the indigenous aboriginal Indians in the second millennium BC. We know that within a few centuries Tantra attained pan-Indian influence. Tantra is defined in many traditions: Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Hindu Tantra paralleling Vedic traditions of India, Shaivite Tantrism, Natha Tantrism, Shakta Tantra, Cosmological Tantrism, Jain Tantrism, Vaishvana Tantra, Taoist Tantra of China, Shingon of Japan, and Tantric traditions from Cambodia, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Burma, and Mongolia.”

“Western authors and practitioners wrote about Tantra in the 1800’s/early 1900’s. Sir John Woodroffe’s  (Arthur Avalon) published The Serpent Power, in 1919. Focusing on the chakras and Kundalini yoga, Woldroffe translated and gave detailed instruction and commentary on two sixteenth century texts on Bengali Tantra, Shakta metaphysics, cosmology, Patanjali Yoga, Tantric practice, and the chakras. His book served as an inspiration and a reference text.”

Tantra: Shakti and Shakta

“Popular authors such as Joseph Campbell looked at Tantra’s Buddhist-Hindu roots and focused on Kundalini yoga, mediation, and rituals to unite spirituality with the forces of the universe.

Strands of Tantra were again brought to the United States in the 60’s by Indian gurus such as Osho where they evolved into two branches: sexual alchemy practices and useful methods used with therapists to promote healthy rewarding partner intimacy.”

“Contemporary Tantra, some refer to as Neo-Tantra, practiced in the west and in Europe, is based on strands that were taken from the dense ancient spiritual texts and various Tantric traditions. Methods and constructs  are derived from ancient Indian language or Sanskrit. In Sanskrit Tantra involves the significance of “body”; the “weaving or stretching” of being-ness, realization and consciousness; the connection of “strands” from devotees to deities or to divine spirit; the “Interior”, secret or coveted knowledge;  and the “loom” or weave of the universe.”

“Sexuality, the Priestess Path and Tantra Today”

“Tantra is a fusion of methods evolving on the path as we search for expanded states of consciousness and oneness. For me, Tantra methods are strands of non-dogmatic spirituality, the yogas, sexual source energies, phenomenology and qualitative research, meditation, breath work, healing touch, holistic health, energy medicine, shamanism, quantum physics and Pagan/Wiccan, matriarchal, and the practice of sacred feminine forms of worship. Re-establishing and re-integrating the Priestess into consciousness is key to our spiritual evolution. Previously, most religious text had dissected and removed the crucial power of the embodiment; especially regarding women and the feminine.”

tantra and women

“Women, and the power of our wombs, were devalued and repressed in our psyches. Shaming a woman’s power and making forbidden her knowledge and gifts using source energy meant the second chakra became perverted. Women were banned from using their powers and therefore hindered in their divine right to discover their own spiritual purpose as facilitators of evolution. Without the Priestess, humanity suffers gravely. Yet, evidence is everywhere that Tantra has been and continues to permeate all aspects of our culture, civilization, and collective consciousness. This is happening because we as a civilization are attempting to -re-achieve homeostasis. The pendulum must restore balance. Women are reclaiming their divine sovereign right as embodied healers to explore source energy. This is a sacred pilgrimage. As women grace the paths, they are in the process of reclaiming their right to inspire other women and men to reclaim knowledge and wisdom about consciousness.”

“Sexuality in Civilization Transitioning”

“As a civilization, many may still feel confused and torn about sexuality socially and spiritually. Sex scandals, shame, lust, prostitution, sexploitation, hedonism, sexual addiction, sexual objectification, unplanned pregnancies, concerns of STD’s, religious dogma, and sexual predation are real. Our civilization has and continues to struggle with these behaviors.  Our struggle and choices reflect imbalances within ourselves and our  cultural psyche. Our struggle depicts our attempts to heal. Reactions to our struggling with the second chakra can be intense and stem from old paradigms we erected in attempts to control something we did not fully comprehend. We are now becoming aware of our egoic reactions: our fears,  self righteousness,  anger, attempts to control or repress our impulses, and our judgment of those struggling with source energies.”

2007 Prana Tantra Intensive in the deep forest with Del Mar

“The exciting news is we have the power and desire to open our minds and hearts. We are all on the path towards sexual healing, integration, and enlightenment. We are healing wounds from sexual imbalances, oppression, repression, suppression and NOW moving towards integrating all aspects of human mind, body, spirit. I choose to use the awesome power of sexual source energy and the power of attraction to expand states of consciousness. I believe I am here to reclaim and facilitate this spiritual journey”

Tantra: Womens Weave, Women's Circle, ritual,

“Alchemy and Sensual Erotic Energy and Intelligence”

“The study of the Tantras is the study of alchemy, energy, awakenings, expanded states of consciousness and higher realms of intelligence. When practiced regularly and with mindful intentional Tantric methods, proper guidance, diet, lifestyle, we can evolve. The mystical and esoteric realm does not have to be separate from our working lives. They can compliment each other and have wide reaching implications for our evolution as a species and planet.”

“Ethics and Intention”

“The key is intention and to be aware of the dance between the lower and higher brain. When we choose to participate in Tantric encounters, we intend  to cultivate presence, awakening and consciousness through intimacy rituals. We start where we are and we begin. We channel source energy with compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love, harmony, shamanic healing and oneness.”

tantra and alchemy: shamanism and tantra, energy and tantra

“While I use the word Tantra, for consistency in communication, I  mean  a form of awakening; using source energy channels to fathom the possibilities. With each experience we begin and continue the journey to plant the seeds of  awakening and cultivate higher states of consciousness.”

“I look forward to our ecstatic choreographies as we dance with and  fathom the infinite possibilities of awakening.”