What’s the purpose of sexual energy beyond procreaton and hedonistic self-indulgent pleasure? Years ago, while meditating with a serpent, I had a spontaneous kundalini activation. It was extraordinary! Profound! It gave me a renewed inspiration to re-examine and honor the power of the second chakra. No longer did I view sexual energy as solely a procreative biological function, a way to derive pleasure or to express intimacy. I realized the second chakra is also the potential to access a secret alchemical formula; to access and mine a sacred well spring of energy. “Source energy” sexual, sensual and erotic energy or qi or prana… is our potential to nourish, cultivate, channel and harness infinite energy currents and pathways with other energy centers in our bodies. We can telecommunicate with every cell in our body. We can heal ourselves, we can also connect to everything and everyone. We have the potential, through investigation of sensual source energy to have instant and direct access to supra states of consciousness.


Can you see this body is sacred. It is an energy facility that generates and converts different energies into healing and esoteric powers?


Over years, I have danced extensively with these powers. I felt then, and still passionately feel the call as a priestess, matriarch, shaman and visionary midwife to vigorously investigate this energy with genuine seekers. I cultivate extraordinary encounters weaving the mysteries of sex/sensual or “source energy” with pranic connection to human evolution, self-realization and higher intelligence and power.


I am proud and inspired by the human energy-body. It is an egoic challenge for humans to express source energy explorations beyond primitive lustful compulsions. So this is a process. It does not mean you have to deny eros and sensuality. The body is considered sacred in Tantra and the energy we seek to tap into can include eros if people elect it to. We are not shaming erotic feelings. We are legitimizing the quest to activate and farm source energy and balance, infuse and imbue our entire energy body and en energy centers.. so that something more meaningful and profound; beyond procreation and sole lust, can be experienced. As you soon become proficient with this, you realize that source energy from the second chakra, changes as you channel it to other parts of the body. Some seekers want to glean this process, others commit their life to the process. I can at least plant the seeds.


Now the trick is: people respond to erotic cues and arousal. So for most people, they do not see, nor have they ever been presented with a model for connecting and thereby transmuting sensual energy or merging eros with heart centeredness, sound vibration, healing meditation and quantum consciousness.  Instead humans crave and seek intimate connections without a negative charge.  Humans live busy, hardworking, intense, stressful lives; usually disembodied, distracted and not present. So they also crave a fix: a chemical, emotional and energy shift, which certainly does take place during sexual expression. However, those experiences are rather short lived; as their biological function requires only a few minutes. Some even become addicted to these sexual quests. Some people become proficient at extending sexual expressions. Yet this still falls far short of the intention to access eros via breath, muscular/skeletal kinesis, meditation and intention in order to re-distribute, channel and harvest this source energy. This is something that we need a competent guide and educator to help both men and women with.


So the quintessential question is: do we want to disavow our bodies and /or our sexual energy? Do you we want to express sexuality alone or activate the matrix and awaken and integrate source energy with all energy? If the latter resonates with you, you can explore a method to balance that energy and even redirect it to harvest and expand that energy/power into the transcendental, esoteric and spiritual realm.


connect to the heart and weave the qi there


Each of these images represents a snippet of my journey to experience body, mind, and soul in union; a facility that generates and converts different energies into power. This power enables me to commune  with the integrative universal energy field and with the divine.


When we embrace mindful embodiment and intentionally integrate all our energies; including erotic energies, into the Tantric activation-transmutation method, we are  accessing our highest selves and cultivating global tantric intelligence.

When you view these images, what do you SEE? To an untrained eye, you may see a body attractive and arousing…


ground qi using seat

Ground qi body in seat pose and activate the channels



Deep meditating on sunset and rays, connecting to the air/wind, currents, motion, ocean, all the elements channeling within and around me, empowering, inspiring.


connect to flow; feel the pull of the tides within and around you


awaken, presence yourself


infinite ways to unlock the mysteries


grounding~channeling~building qi


The Priestess: still, peaceful, restorative embodiment


the body is a map and w/ intention, we can use breath and the brain-body synergy to connect to every element, the cosmic flow and all energy in motion


awakening the spinal channel


elemental breeze, wind, air soaring on wings with an open flowing heart


magnetic fields


teaching, connecting our energies to earth consciousness



*Embodiment* vs shame, guilt and archaic constructs are replaced. Tantra can be used as the antithesis to porn….