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WOMBN …Women Weaving

womb workshop_wombn_Yoni healing

Calling women: shaman, visionaries, healers, co-creators, artists, teachers, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters: we invite you to participate in a women’s circle of sexual rites and rituals focusing on healing, nourishing, enlightening and empowering women, Nov17, 11-6pm. We call in women from 21-80+ yo; women of all ages, sizes, races, ethnicities and lineages. We welcome heterosexual, bi-sensual/curious, bisexual and lesbian women. We will examine all aspects and phases of sexuality. We are willing to conduct an honest, in-depth personal inquiry of our second chakra, to awaken source energy. We commit to cocreate a nourishing environment for inquiry and experiences to unfold.


What we experience in the weave:

*exploring and intimately connecting to our source chakras * acknowledging body trauma * healing rituals and creating new imprints * clearing & balancing sexuality mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically * redefining, exploring and celebrating healthy sexuality  * sensual closeness to other women * bonding with our sisters, mothers & ancestors * reclaiming our wombs * witnessing each other’s sexual embodiment * re-exploring and discovering new paradigms for our sexual identities, powers and sexual energies * expanding our sexual repertoires * weaving sexuality, spirituality/transcendental experiences * following new callings * empowering future generations * practicing methods to channel sexual energy * cultivating our highest destiny * songs, chants, dances, laughter, weeps, moans, stillness, silence, meditation, ceremony, journal, loving, sharing, intimacy

As most of you know, I am a psychologist. This event will be filmed. We are making a contribution to sexual evolution. Parts of the day will be used for the Enlightened Sexuality series I present at university demonstrating healthy sex education and holistic sex rituals: holistic constructs and healthy sex integration. Segments may be presented in other educational seminars and enlightened festivals celebrating and investigating sex-enlightenment.  Women attending will receive 7 hours of holistic sensual-sexual education, rites and rituals at no charge.

In addition to a psychologist, I am a seasoned sex researcher, educator, facilitator, expressive artist/ritualist and film maker. If you know others who can benefit from joining us, invite them to contact me.. I look forward to hearing from you and to the possibilities..

Visit: * EnlightenedSexuality.com * Yoniverse.com  *  TantricPriestess.com